Saturday, April 26, 2008

While Visiting Riverview Cemetery

Although I had not planned to go there, the telephone rang this morning and Mum wanted to go and photograph headstones at Riverview. (Mum can not climb the banks and stand on her head taking photos, so is there for moral support because she hates my going alone, in case....) Having photographed all the small sections already, I asked her to stop the car at section 3 when we first entered the cemetery. I took the camera and started across the section. After a while it began to sprinkle rain, and I went to sit in the car. After a very short time, the sun tried to shine again and the rain stopped enough to continue on.

A little while later, I heard the car pull up and looked over to see the trunk popped open and hear Mum say "I'm scared." Okay, we have one volunteer who constantly has spooky stories about things that happen to her when out cataloging cemeteries. Cookie had some photos with hazes and spooky things when she was doing one of the cemeteries in Pennsylvania. Never have I had anything happen to me, or show in the photos where I've been.

So when I see the the trunk popped, Mum in the car and the look on her face I can't help but laugh. The little gadget that pops the trunk and locks the doors has not worked for over a year!!! Yet, the key was off, she was crocheting and first the trunk popped and then the doors locked with her inside. I am still laughing as I type, although if the photos don't look normal I'm sure I'll feel differently! Mum says it was just great grandfather (who was buried in the section below) or Laura Baker Reed (who we located in todays section) trying to give a message.

Just for the record, Mum is NOT afraid of anything known to me. I'm sure we'll be out in a day or so to take more photos.

Although it will be awhile until the photos are online, but St. Aloysius has been photographed and I almost have the photos all named. We also have Sections 5, 10, 16, 17 and the military stones near the Chapel at Riverview photographed and most have been renamed. Feel free to request a photo and watch for them at as volunteers have time to upload them.