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Mother and Daughter Burned To Death (Mrs. Wm Harman)

May 1,1901
East Liverpool Tribune


Awful Fate of Mrs. Wm. Harmon and Little Daugher—Mrs. F. B Johnson Badly Burned in Assisting Mrs. Harman.

While playing in font of an open grate, Wednesday afternoon, at the home of her parents on Pleasant Heights, the dress of Wm. Harmon’s five-year-old daughter caught fire. The child ran from the house and her screams soon brought the mother to the rescue, but her dress also ignited. Mrs. Frank Johnson, a next door neighbor, witnessed the scene and went to the rescue of the mother and child, and was badly burned. John Hall heard the screams and went to assist the ladies, extinguishing the flames, but not before Mrs. Harmon and daughter had been fatally burned and Mrs. Johnson painfully burned.
Mrs. Harmon and daughter died Wednesday night (May 1, 1901), after suffering in terrible agony.
Mrs. Johnson is confined to her bed, and is suffering excruciatingly.

Mrs. Martha Day - Obituary

Mrs. Martha Day
May 2,1901
East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Martha Day, aged 45 years, died at the home of Mrs. Davis, on Jethro street, Thursday morning (May 2, 1901) from consumption. She has been ill for a long time. The remains were shipped to Moundsville, W. Va.

Infant Girl Robinson - Obituary

Infant Daughter of Frank Robinson
May 2, 1901
East Liverpool Tribune

Death of an Infant
The infant daughter of Frank Robinson, of Lincoln avenue, died Thursday. The little one was one of twins.

Mary G. Schriver - Obituary

Mary G. Schriver
Apr. 26, 1901
East Liverpool Tribune

Burned to Death

Little Mary G., daughter of Ellis T. Schriver, was burned to death Friday (Apr. 26, 1901). Her night clothes’ caught fire from an open grate, and before assistance came fatal injuries were inflicted. She was four years of age. The remains were taken to Mechanisburg, Pa., for burial.

Mrs. Cynthia Powell

Mrs. Cynthia Powell
April 29, 1901
East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Cynthia Powell, aged 77 years, died at the home of her daughter, on Thompson avenue, Monday afternoon (Apr. 29, 1901) from cancer. The funeral took place Tuesday afternoon at 3:00 o’clock. Interment was made at Spring Grove cemetery.

Henry Pfouts - Obituary

Henry Pfouts
Pub. May 2, 1901
East Liverpool Tribune

Henry Pfouts, aged 38 years, a brother of Dr. A. C. Pfouts, the dentist, died last week at Lebanon, Mo. Mr. Pfouts has been managing his father’s cattle ranch at that place. Is illness was short and death claimed him before any of his relatives reached him.

John A. Allison - Obituary

John A. Allison
July 17, 1901
East Liverpool Tribune

J.C. Allison, Washington street, received word Thursday morning (Jul. 17, 1901) of the death of his brother, John A. Allison, of Brooke county, West Virginia, aged 77 years. The cause of death was old age. He has been in bad health for the past five years. Mr. and Mrs. Allison went to his late home Thursday to attend the funeral, which will take place on Friday afternoon.

Harriet E. Travis - Obituary

Mrs. Harriet E. Travis
July 18, 1901
East Liverpool Tribune

Harriet E, wife of the late W. H. Travis, died at 6 o’clock Thursday morning (Jul.18, 1902) at the home of her son, W. H. Travis, at 111 Sixth street, from the effects of catarrhal fever, from which disease she suffered for five weeks. She was 58 years old.
Mrs. Travis is survived by three sons, George Y., William H., and John C. Travis, all of this city. She also leaves her mother, Mrs. Martha Yeagley, and a brother, W. C. Yeagley, both of New Somerset, O.
The deceased was a member of the First Presbyterian church. She had resided her 28 years.
The arrangements for the funeral have not been completed as yet, but it will take place from the late home of the deceased at 2 o’clock Saturday afternoon.
The friends may view the remains from 2 to 4 o’clock Friday afternoon and 7 to 9 in the evening.

Gertrude Kraatz - Obituary

Miss Gertrude Kraatz
Dec. 28, 1901
East Liverpool Tribune

Miss Gertrude Kraatz, a sister of Mrs. Edwin Oppeit, died Thursday afternoon (Dec. 28, 1901), at her home at Martin’s Ferry. She was a very healthy girl of about fourteen, and about Thanksgiving bruised her heel in some unknown way, which became very painful, and was thought to be rheumatism. It grew worse despite medical attention and last week it was found necessary to amputate her foot, which demonstrated that blood poison of a very serious nature had appeared. She lived about a week after the operation. Mr. and Mrs. Oppeit are both at Martin’s Ferry, and will remain until after the funeral. The physicians say it is a very strange case. The bruise was very small when it first appeared, and the young lady had no recollection of how she hurt her heel. The bruise continued to enlarge and grow more painful from day to day.

Augusta Nagel - Obituary

Mrs. Augusta Nagel
Dec. 25, 1901
East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs.Augusta Nagel, aged 74 years, 7 months and 16 days died last night (Dec.25, 1901) at her home No. 153 Sixth street. Her maiden name was Augusta Ohlendorf. She was born in Gota, Germany, but came with her husband to Philadelphia in 1850, two or three years later arriving in East Liverpool, where she has since resided. Her husband lost his life in the battle of the Wilderness. The children of the deceased are Frederick Nagel, Mrs. Mary Garner, Francis Nagel, Louise Nagel, East Liverpool, and Mrs. R. M. Ashbaugh, East Palestine.
Mrs. Nagel had been very feeble for about three years. She was a charter member of the Lutheran church.
Funeral services will be conducted Saturday afternoon at 2 o’clock from the residence of Rev. J. G. Reinartz. Interment will be at Riverview.

John Wheeler - Obituary

John Wheeler
Dec. 1, 1901
East Liverpool Tribune

John Wheeler, aged 37 years, died at his home in the west end, Sunday morning (Dec. 1, 1901), of canceer. He is survived by a wife and three children—two boys and one girl. The funeral occurred Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock. Interment was made in Spring Grove cemetery; Rev. Hamilton conducted the funeral services.

Joseph Pool - Obituary

Joseph Pool
December 4, 1901
East Liverpool Tribune

Joseph Pool, aged 52 years, died Wednesday afternoon (Dec. 4,1901)at his home, 182 Ravine street. He had been suffering for some time with an abscess. He had been in poor health for several years. He leaves a widow and six children. Funeral services will be conducted from the residence, Thursday afternoon at two o’clock, by Rev. Crawford. The interment will be made in Riverview cemetery.

Russell Infant Obituary

Infant of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Russell
Dec. 2, 1901
East Liverpool Tribune


The four-months-old child of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Russell, of Etruria St., died Monday afternoon (Dec. 2, 1901).The funeral services were held Tuesday afternoon at the residence at two o’clock.
Interment was made in Riverview cemetery.

William Tyndall - Obituary

William Tyndall
December 3,1901
East Liverpool Tribune

William Tyndall, aged 36 years, died at his home on Second street at 2:30 o’clock Tuesday morning (Dec. 3, 1901), of typhoid fever, after an illness of four months. The funeral will be held Thursday afternoon. Interment will be made in Riverview cemetery.

Mrs. Rachel Harker - Obituary

Mrs. Rachel Harker
Sept 4,1901
East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Rachel Harker, one of the oldest and best known residents of this community died Wednesday afternoon (Sept. 4, 1901) at 1:30 o’clock, at the family home, corner College and Cook streets. Her maiden name was Rachel Newell. She was a daughter of John Newell, and was born on the old Newell Farm, opposite this city, October 12,1833. Her girlhood life was spent on the old Newell farm. October 25, 1855, she married George S. Harker, a pioneer pottery manufacturer of East Liverpool, who died in 1864
Mrs. Harker was the second oldest member of the First Presbyterian church of this city, Mrs. Thomas Blythe being the oldest. Mrs. Harker joined the church in 1853, and was a lady of kind Christian character, loved by all who shared her acquaintance. She had many friends throughout the city and surrounding neighborhood.
The surviving children are: W. W. Harker, Mrs. L. S. Newell, David B. Harker, H. N. Harker and Miss Georgia Harker.
Those who were present from out of town when Mrs. Harker died were: Rev. S. F. Marks, Tidioute, Pa.; Mrs. Hattie M. Riblett, Ft. Wayne, Ind.; L. S. Newell and family, Denver, Col. All her children and grandchildren were at her bedside. They have been aware for several days that there was no hope for her recovery, and while somewhat prepared for the parting, yet their sorrow is great for one of the best of loving mothers.
The funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at three o’clock, from her late home. Services will be in charge of her pastor, Rev. Jordan.

Daniel Kline - Obituary

Daniel Kline
August 12, 1902
East Liverpool Tribune

Daniel Kline, an aged resident of Calhoun addition, East End, died this morning at his residence. Death was due to a stroke of apoplexy. Deceased has been a well known and respected citizen of this vicinity for years. Mr. Kline was a carpenter by profession. He leaves quite a large family to mourn his demise. Funeral arrangements have not been made.

Willie Scheester - Obituary

Willie Scheester
August 12, 1902
East Liverpool Tribune

Willie Scheester, the 180months-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Scheester, died at the home of its parents on Trenvale street Tuesday evening (Aug. 121, 1902) at 8:30 o’clock, of cholera infantum. The funeral services were held yesterday afternoon. Interment being in Riverview cemetery at 5 o’clock.

Sadie Welch - Obituary

Miss Sadie Welch
August 8, 1902
East Liverpool Tribune

Miss Sadie Welch, aged 19 years, died at her home on East Market street at 5:15 Friday evening (August 8, 1902), of consumption. The funeral services were held at her late home Sunday, interment being made at Township Line cemetery. The funeral was in charge of Rev. J. G. Reinartz.

Jane Warrant - Obituary

Mrs. Jane Warrant
August 10, 1902
East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Jane Warrant, aged about 40 years, died Sunday Morning (August 10, 1902) at her home in Pine Grove. She formerly lived in the Nicholson addition at Wellsville, and had been ill for several years. She leaves a husband and six children. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon’ interment in the Pine Grove cemetery.

Elizabeth Sharp - Obituary

Mrs. Elizabeth Sharp
August 5, 1902
East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Elizabeth Sharp, aged 78 years, one of the oldest and most prominent resident of this city, died at her home on lower Fourth street, at 11 o’clock Tuesday evening (August 5, 1902). Death was due to the infirmities of old age. The funeral services were held at 1 o’clock this afternoon Interment being in Riverview cemetery.

Henry Sebring - Obituary

Henry Sebring
August 4, 1902
East Liverpool Tribune

Henry Sebring, 75 years old, one of the oldest and best known residents of Vanport, died Monday night (August 4, 1902). He was a member of the Vanport Presbyterian church. Mr. Sebring was born in Butler county and went to Beaver county with his parents in early childhood. In October, 1851, he was married to Miss Margaret Shane, who, with eight children, survives him. They are: George, of Beaver, John, of Vanport, and Ingram, of Sebring, O.; Mrs. D. C. Anderson, of East Liverpool, O., Mrs. E. H. Douds, of Vanport, and the Misses Mary, Caroline and Ella Sebring, at home.
Mr. Sebring was well known in this city, having frequently visited his daughter here.