Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Gertrude Kraatz - Obituary

Miss Gertrude Kraatz
Dec. 28, 1901
East Liverpool Tribune

Miss Gertrude Kraatz, a sister of Mrs. Edwin Oppeit, died Thursday afternoon (Dec. 28, 1901), at her home at Martin’s Ferry. She was a very healthy girl of about fourteen, and about Thanksgiving bruised her heel in some unknown way, which became very painful, and was thought to be rheumatism. It grew worse despite medical attention and last week it was found necessary to amputate her foot, which demonstrated that blood poison of a very serious nature had appeared. She lived about a week after the operation. Mr. and Mrs. Oppeit are both at Martin’s Ferry, and will remain until after the funeral. The physicians say it is a very strange case. The bruise was very small when it first appeared, and the young lady had no recollection of how she hurt her heel. The bruise continued to enlarge and grow more painful from day to day.

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