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Adam Rineheimer
Died May 19, 1899
East Liverpool Tribune

Adam Rineheimer, an aged resident, died in New Brighton Friday, and his remains were brought to this place Monday and interred in Spring Grove cemetery.

JOHN DAVIS - Obituary

John Davis
Died May 29, 1899
East Liverpool Tribune

John Davis, of Avondale street, died Saturday. Interment in Riverview took place Tuesday.


Death of an Infant (Wardless)
Died Jan. 22, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune
The 10-months-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Wardless, of Thompson avenue, died Monday evening of pneumonia. The funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock. Interment at Riverview.


Maggie Cunningham

Died Feb. 6, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Miss Maggie, aged 20, eldest daughter of J. C. Cunningham, died at her home on the south side Tuesday evening.

Heart trouble was the cause.

Deceased was a most highly esteemed young lady. Surviving her, beside the parents, are a brother and sister, both younger.


Marie Campbell

Died Feb. 4, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Marie, three-month-old daughter of Wm. Campbell, Erie street, died Sunday. Rev. J. R. Green conducted the funeral obsequles on Monday afternoon, the remains being interred in Spring Grove cemetery.

MRS. A. R. GOULD - Obituary

Mrs. A. R. Gould

Died Feb. 7, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. A. R. Gould, of Washington street, died Wednesday evening, somewhat suddenly. At the hour of going to press no arrangements for the funeral had been made public. Deceased was the widow of the late A. R. Gould.


Bernedetta Crites

Died Feb. 7, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Bernedetta, eight-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crites, of Seventh street, died Friday, and the remains were taken to Summitville for burial.


Mrs. Fanchon E. Hutchison

Died Feb. 24, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Fanchon E. Hutchison, nee Bennett, died Friday at her home in Pittsburg, of consumption. The remains were brought to the home of her father, T. M. Bennett, and funeral services were held from the house Sunday. Dr. S. E. Bennett, of Kansas City, brother of the deceased, came on to the funeral.


Allen Infant

Died Feb. 27, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

The eighteen-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Allen died Monday night of bronchitis. Interment was made in Riverview Wednesday.

MRS. D. N. CAMPBELL - Obituary

Mrs. D. N. Campbell

Died Feb. 23, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. D. N. Campbell died Thursday, of typhoid fever The remains were taken to Butler, Pa., for interment.


Maude Livesley

Died Dec. 26, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Maude, the four-month-old daughter of Fred Livesley, of Ravine street, died Tuesday morning. Interment took place at Riverview Wednesday.

JOSEPH REED - Obituary

Joseph Reed

Died Dec. 27, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Joseph Reed, a brother-in-law of 'Squire E. W. Hill, of his city, and formerly of the firm of I. B. Cameron & Co., of Salineville, died at Youngstown, Wednesday morning, of typhoid fever. A wife, who is a daughter of Frank Rogers, of Salineville, survives. Burial services will be held at Salineville.

PHILIP ROWE - Obituary

Philip Rowe

Died Dec. 21, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Philip Rowe, one of the best known residents of East Liverpool, died from paralysis Thursday afternoon at the home of his son, John Rowe, 160 Washington street.

Mr. Rowe was 69 year old. A wife and nine children survive him.

The funeral took place form the home at 10 o'clock Saturday morning, Rev. W. H. Gladden officiating. The remains were interred in the family burial lot in Spring Hill cemetery, Wellsville.

REV. J. N. DESSELLEM - Obituary

Rev. J. N. Dessellem

Died Dec. 20, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Rev. J. N. Dessellem, of Invernes, aged 73 years, died Wednesday at the home of his daughter, at Norristown, Carroll county. Deceased had been a prosperous farmer and popular local Methodist preacher throughout the Scot settlement. He was twice married, Ellen Coburn was his first wife, and Mary McKenzie his second.


Allan Woodburn

Died Dec. 15, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Allan Woodburn, of Third street, aged 72 years, died Friday of dropsy. Interment in Riverview was made Sunday afternoon, Rev. W. H. Gladden officiating.


Death of an Infant (James Hoppell)

Died Mar. 3, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

The ten-months-old child of Mr. and Mrs. (W& M) Hoppell, of Bank street, died Saturday evening. The funeral services were conducted at the home of the parents at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, Rev Clark Crawford officiating. Interment in Riverview cemetery.

DAVID DEWAR - Obituary

David Dewar

Died Dec. 12, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

David Dewar, of East End, died Sunday evening, aged fifty years, after an illness of six months.

EDNA H. REARK - Obituary

Edna H. Reark

Died Mar 4, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Edna H. Reark, aged 4 years, daughter of Chas. Reark, died Sunday. Pneumonia was the cause. Funeral took place Tuesday. Interment took place at Spring Grove.

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Belinda Blackburn

Died Feb. 9, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

This aged lady, 78 years, the last living representative of the pioneer Blackburn family, died on Friday last at her home near Spring Grove camp ground. The funeral took place Sunday afternoon , Rev. Holtz, of Wellsville, officiated and the remains were laid to rest in the Blackburn cemetery on the Blackburn farm.


Celina Blackburn-Reed

Died Feb. 12, 19000

East Liverpool Tribune

This well known lady, died, on Monday, at the home of herself and late aunt – Belinda Blackburn, whose funeral took place Sunday. Mrs. Reed was very ill at the time with pneumonia. She was a daughter of the late Milo Blackburn, and was married to Joseph Reed who formerly lived in this city, and engaged in the meat trade. Her husband had been dead a number of years, and she has since made her home with the aged aunt, whose death preceded her so short a time. She was a member of the M. E. church, this city. Of this well known pioneer family only one sister survives – Mrs. George Perry. She will be laid beside her many relatives in the old cemetery on her grandfather's farm. The family came here about 1799, and settled on the land where she lies sleeping. The William and Mary Blackburn who died in England and left the gr fortune that an effort is now being made to get, were brother and sister of Belinda Balckburn's father Anthony Blackburn who came to America before the Revolutionary war, and because of the ?? could never get the estate left by brother and sister; in England, ?? never married. Mrs. George Perry now the sole living heir to the two late Blackburn farms near this city.


Miss Alva Jackman

Died Dec. 17, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Miss Alva Jackson, of this city, died at 5 o'clock Sunday morning in a Cleveland sanitarium, from nervous prostration and spinal trouble. Deceased had been an invalid for years past, and had been in the sanitarium since last August. Her death is believed t have found its origin in a fall she received on the ice when but fifteen years of age.

The deceased was widely known and was an ardent Christian. Her mother, Mrs. N. P. Jackman, resides at 190 Thompson avenue. She is survived by the following brothers and sisters: Howard, Chicago; Sanford and Charles, El Reno, Oklahoma; Allen, Weathersford, Oklahoma; Mrs. Hattie Mardis, Salem; Mrs. Ida Campbell, New Cumberland; Mrs. E. V. Ferral, Mrs. John Scott, Mrs. Claude Nease and Miss Mame Jackman, of this city.


Robert Drabble

Died Nov. 22, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Robert Drabble was found dead in bed Wednesday at the ho of his daughter, Mrs. Nellie Allen, West Market street.

He had suffered recently of heart trouble. Deceased was an old resident and well known. He was aged 62 years. Six children survive. Interment from St. Aloysius church will take place Saturday.


Samuel Fisher

Died Dec. 26, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Samuel Fisher, aged 60 years, a well known Middleton township farmer, died Tuesday night at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Wm. Hays, of east end, Pittsburg. Mr. Fisher had been ill with typhoid fever at his home near Clarkson, and during convalescence several weeks ago, was taken to the home of his daughter in Pittsburg. Later he had a relapse.

Deceased was on of the most progressive farmers of the county. He had long been a prominent member of the Clarkson Presbyterian church. He leaves two daughters, Mrs. Wm Hays and Miss Mame Fisher, his wife having died about two months ago. Interment at Homewood, Pa., Friday.


Mrs. Laura Nickle

Died Feb. 5 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Laura Nickle, of Hookstown, died Monday morning. Deceased was a sister of Mrs. John N. Stewart, and a sister-in-law of Mr. Murray Nickle, both of this city. Funeral took place from Hookstown, at 10:30 a.m., Wednesday. Many fiends of the deceased from this city attended the funeral.


Samuel Ashbaugh

Died Feb. 6, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Samuel Ashbaugh, aged seventy-four years, a pioneer potter, who for forty years past has been with the Knowles, Taylor & Knowles Pottery Co., died Tuesday afternoon. Stomach trouble was the cause of death. He leaves a wife and seven children. Deceased was a veteran of the civil war, being a member of Gen. Lyon Post, No. 44 G. A. R. The funeral will occur this afternoon, and interment will be at Spring Grove.


Mrs. Ellison Manley

Died May 25, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Ellison Manley died Thursday evening, May 25, at her home, corner Third street and City hall square. She was 66 years old and has live in East Liverpool over forty years. Her maiden name was Maria Wildblood, a sister of the late James Wildblood. Her husband was a brother of Hollande and Jethro Manley, and he died several years ago. Mrs. Manley has been ill with rheumatism for several years, but her last illness was only of a few weeks' duration, and death resulted from a complication of diseases She was a noble good woman and loving mother to her family, and enjoyed the respect of the community in all the long years she has lived in East Liverpool She leaves eight living children – Thomas, Jethro Jr., Mrs. Thomas Buckley, Mrs. Charles Simms, Will, Mrs. Robert Tolbert, Olly and Job. Will is at Manila, and was a member of "Co. E" who re-enlisted in the regular army. One sister of deceased Mrs. Eardley, of Tranton, is the last living member of the older Wildblood family. Interment will be at Riverview.


Mrs. John D. Stewart

Died May 23, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. John D. Stewart died at her home two miles south of Chester, Tuesday. Deceased has been an invalid for several years. She leaves a husband, six sons and her daughters – namely, Thomas, Edwin, Charles, Oscar, Gus, Nicholas, Bertha, Maud and Mrs. Fred Hobbs, all of Grant district. Several brothers and sisters also survive.


William Homer Gladden

Died Jan. 24, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

William Homer Gladden, youngest son of Rev. W H. Gladden, died Wednesday of Pneumonia. Deceased was aged 18 years, and was a student attending the high school. The school in mourning for their companion, and elegant floral tributes came from them.


Miss Elizabeth McCready

Died Jan. 22, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Miss Elizabeth McCready, aged 59 years, died Monday evening at her home near Hookstown. Deceased was a sister of Thomas McCready, formerly in the harness business in this city, and Harry McCready, who resides on Sixth street. She lived with her two other sisters, all unmarried. The funeral will take place Thursday afternoon at 1 o'clock; interment at Mill Creek church.


Raymond Shepherd

Died May 23, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Pittsburg papers on Tuesday contained the following death announcement, with the request that East Liverpool papers copy:

Shepherd – On Sunday, January 21, 1900, Raymond, beloved husband of Mary Shepherd, (nee Dunnigan), in the 34th year of his age.

Funeral services from his late residence, 6 Charles street, Allegheny, on Tuesday, at 2 p.m.


Mrs. Letitia Curry

Died Jan. 23, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Letitia B. Curry, one of the oldest inhabitants of East Liverpool, and most universally popular with all who knew her, died Tuesday, January 23, 1900, at 5 p.m. Her death was caused by fatty degeneration of the heart, and came suddenly, although she had not been well for some time. Mrs. Curry died at her home in the west end, near Riverside park, where she had lived for three years. Her funeral will take place Friday, January 25, at 2 p.m., interment being in Riverview cemetery.

Mrs. Curry was born in Pittsburg, April 30, 1828. Her maiden name was Jack, and a number of relatives still live in the State of her birth. She was married to the late William E. Curry, who died in November, 1898. The family came to East Liverpool from Pittsburg twenty-five years ago, and Mr. Curry went into the furniture and undertaking business. He was a member of the firm of Anderson & Curry, whose place of business was on Second street.

Four children survive Mrs. Curry – William J. and Frank F., and Mrs. C. F. Johnson, of East Liverpool, and Mrs. E. J. Moody, of Santa Barbara, Cal. Three sisters are also living – Mrs. F. W. Hay, of Johnstown, Pa., Mrs. J. L. Hurst, of McKeesport, Pa., and Miss Presillia Jack, Greensburg. Miss Fannie Jack and Mrs. Chal. Peterson, both of East Liverpool, are nieces.


Mrs. Samuel Stewart

Died Jan. 18, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Samuel Stewart, aged 51 years, died last Thursday at her home near Hookstown, Pa., after a lingering illness. The deceased was a sister of Mrs. Samuel Manor, of Sixth street, this city. Mr. and Mrs. Manor attended the funeral, which occurred Saturday.


Mrs. Matilda Crosser

Died Dec. 25, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Matilda Crosser, the venerable mother of County Recorder E. M. Crosser, passed away in death here Christmas day from ureamia. Mrs. Crosser was the widow of the late Harry Crosser, of Center township, who died less than a year ago. Mrs. Crosser had been residing with her daughter at Kensington for several months and only a few days ago came to this city to visit her son. Mrs. Crosser was 64 years of age. Prior to her marriage, which occurred 46 years ago, she was miss Matilda Scott, of Minerva. She is survived by three children, County Recorder E. M. Crosser, Mrs. Frank McAllister and Mrs. Minnie Roller, who reside near Kensington. She was an estimable, Christian woman, as the many benevolent and charitable acts of her life will testify. – Lisbon Patriot

ELWOOD BABB - Obituary

Elwood Babb.

Died Mar. 5, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Elwood Babb, aged 31 years, a resident of the south side, died Monday, after an illness lasting all winter. First he suffered an illness of fever, which developed later into consumption. Less than one year ago deceased married Margaret Allison and a two-months-old child and wife survive. Interment in the new cemetery here was made on Wednesday.

HUGH TOLAND - Obituary

Hugh Toland

Mar. 6, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Hugh Tolland, aged 42 years, died Tuesday, after years of suffering. Deceased left a wife and two sons. Interment in the Catholic cemetery took place this morning.

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MRS. A. J. BIBBEE - Obituary

Mrs. A. J. Bibbee

Died February 12, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. A. J. Bibbee, the small-pox patient, died Monday night, and was buried at 10 o'clock Tuesday night in Spring Hill cemetery. A number of relatives of the young woman went to see her, but were only permitted to see the wagon bearing her coffin pass through the streets. They were not allowed to go to the Bibbee residence. Mrs. Bibbee left a husband and little babe, both afflicted with the same dread disease.

MRS. Judge - Obituary

Mrs. Judge

Died January 8, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Judge

Word was received in this city Monday evening of the death at Georgetown of Mrs. Judge, a sister of Mrs. Harry Hughes. The lady only recently arrived in Georgetown from New York and had been ill only a short time when death came. Mrs. Hughes attended the funeral, which took place Wednesday.


William R. Mountford

Died February 28, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

William R. Mountford

William R. Mountford, aged 22 years, died Wednesday, at the home of his mother, Fenton street. Pneumonia was the cause of death. A mother and three brothers survive. Funeral services will be held Friday.


Daughter of John Saulsberry

Died February 28, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Death of an Infant

The five-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Saulsberry, Third street, died Thursday, of spinal meningitis.


Thomas Starkey

Died March 7, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Thomas Starkey, aged 73, died at his home on West Market street, Wednesday, after a short illness of pneumonia. Deceased was an old resident of this place. A wife and family survive him. Funeral services will take place Friday.


Grace Duncan

Died March 5, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Grace Duncan, aged 5 years, daughter of Mrs. Bessie Duncan, died Monday. Deceased had been an invalid ever since her birth. The funeral is being held this afternoon, and the remains will e buried in Riverview cemetery.


Earnest Stanley

Died March 5, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Earnest Stanley, aged 17, years, son of A. J. Stanley, 112 Seventh street, died Monday, after a two-weeks' illness of measles. Interment was made in Spring Grove cemetery, Wednesday.


Mrs. Anna Roberts

Died March 4, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Anna Roberts, aged 42 years, wife of Edwin Roberts, died Saturday. Interment was made in Riverview, Tuesday, Rev. Wearie officiating.


Mrs. L.S. Temple

Died March 1, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. L. S. Temple, aged 58 years, died Thursday evening, at her home in Bloomington, Ill. Deceased was formerly Miss Simpheresa McLean, of Wellsville, and is well known here.

RUTH HUFF - Obituary

Mrs. Ruth Huff

Died March 4, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Ruth Huff, aged 63 years, widow of William Huff, died at her home, Ramseyville, W. Va., Sunday morning. Mrs. Huff had risen as usual in the morning and eaten a hearty breakfast. Afterward she sat down in a chair and in a few minutes fell to the floor, dead.. The funeral services will be held at the home oat 10 o'clock Wednesday morning. Miss Grill, of the Free Methodist church, will conduct the exercises. Interment will be in the new cemetery on the south side.


Mrs. Rachael Mountford

Died March 4, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Rachael Mountford, aged 29 years, wife of Jesse Mountford, 333 Fifth street, died Sunday. Death was resultant from a complication of diseases. The husband and a 5-year-old daughter survive. On Wednesday afternoon funeral services were held from the First M. E. church, and interment was made in Spring Grove cemetery.


John Hastings

Died Dec. 6, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

John Hastings, Clarkson, died Wednesday from heart trouble, aged 60 years. He was a veteran of the Civil War. His wife survives him. He will be buried at Lisbon, at 11 a.m. Saturday, from the Presbyterian church.


Miss Nora Williams

Died March 4, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Miss Nora Williams, aged 16 years, daughter of James Williams, 164 Third street, died Sunday. Consumption was the assigned cause of death. Funeral services were held at the home Monday evening, the remains being interred in Van Wert county, W. Va., Tuesday.


Mrs. Alice Snediker

Died Dec. 2, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Alice Snediker died very suddenly Sunday afternoon, at her home on Ogden street, from hemorrhage. Several children survive.

EMMA WINES - Obituary

Mrs. Emma Wines

Died Dec. 2, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Emma Wines, the wife of John Wines, of Peak's point, died Saturday evening, aged 27 years, from consumption. Five children are left, namely; Joseph, John, Willie, Harry and Lizzie.


Daughter of John Cunningham

Died Dec. 4, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

The five-week-old daughter of John Cunningham, of Robinson street, died Monday, and was buried at Georgetown, Tuesday afternoon.


Mrs. Hannah Swingewood

Died Dec. 6, 11899

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Hannah Swingewood, widow of James Swingewood, who died five years ago, passed away early Wednesday morning, after a ten days' illness of typhoid pneumonia. Three children survive – James, George, and Samuel.

Deceased was a sister of Fire Chief Morley, Water Works Superintendant Phil Morley, Thomas Jefferson Morley and Mrs. Sarah Kell. Mrs. Swingewood was 52 years of age, and spent most of her life in East Liverpool. The funeral will take place Friday afternoon fro the late residence; interment in Riverview cemetery.

CORA MAY McCREA - Obituary

Cora May McCrea

Died Nov. 7, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Daughter of David McCrea

Miss Cora May, the 18-year-old daughter of David McCrea, of the east end, died early Tuesday morning from consumption. The funeral took place from the family home at 1 o'clock Thursday afternoon. The remains will be taken to Long's Run for interment.


Mrs. Fannie Steele

Died Dec. 11, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Fannie, wife of Alfred Steele, died at her home at 415 Lisbon street, at 7 o'clock Monday morning, after an illness lasting a year. The deceased was 57 years old and was born in England, coming to this country 21 years ago. She has resided in East Liverpool 11 years, and lived in Trenton for some time. She was a member of the Methodist Protestant church. She is survived by four children, namely, Rev. A. T. Steele, pastor of the New Brighton Methodist Protestant church; Misses Annie and Florence and Alexander, of this city.


Mrs. Susan Freeman

Died Dec. 9, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Susan Freeman, aged 82 years, a sister of "Squire Jethro Manley, died at the home of the latter on East Market street. Saturday. Deceased was born in Burslem, England, and was the widow of Joseph Freeman. Four children survive: Richard Freeman, and Mrs. Martha Wilson, Bicknell, Ind.; Job Freeman, South Linton, Ind., and J. M. Freeman, Smithvale, Pa. Interment was made at Spring Grove cemetery, Monday afternoon, the funeral services being held from the Manley residence, Rev. Weary officiating.


Mrs. Samuel Bunnell

Died Nov. 5, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Alex Myler, of Dixonville, went to Empire Tuesday morning to attend the funeral of her mother, Mrs. Samuel Bunnell, who died at the place Sunday. Deceased was over 70 years of age.


Mrs. H. A. Kernott

Died Dec. 13, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. H. A. Kernott died Wednesday evening at her home on Fourth street. Deceased was a daughter of David Moore. Mrs. Kernott, before her marriage, severed twelve years in the post office as clerk. Her maiden name was Dora Moore, and her sunny disposition made for her many friends. She was born in East Liverpool, and spent the greater portion of her life here. The funeral takes place this Friday afternoon form her late home on Fourth street.


Eardley Infant

Died Dec. 13, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Eardley

Harold, the fourteen-month's-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Eardley, of Peak street, died Wednesday and will be buried Sunday afternoon.

JOHN CHEEKS - Obituary

John Cheeks

Died Dec. 10, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

John Cheeks, aged twenty-two-years, died at his boarding house on Market street, Sunday night, from asphyxia, and was found lifeless Monday morning. The deceased was a resident of Wellsburg, and was employed in a restaurant here.


Mrs. Chapman Evans

Died Dec. 12, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Rev. W. H. Gladden Thursday afternoon officiated at the funeral of Mrs. Chapman Evans, at Nessley chapel, near New Cumberland. The deceased was well known and was 80 years old. Her death occurred Tuesday.

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JOHN P. HODER - Obituary

John P. Hoder
Mar. 27, 2008
Hancock County Courier
Pg 12
John Hoder, 53, of New Cumberland passed away Sunday March 16, 2008.
He was born March 17, 1954 in Weirton.
John was a loader for B.F.I. Waste Management.
He is survived by his wire, Kathryun (Jenkins) Hoder, at home; two sons, three stepsons, Kenny Baker of New Cumberland, Michael Baker of Beech Bottom and Richard mayhew of Parkersbvurg; a step daughter, April Mayhew of Ohio; a sister, Renee Crawford of New Cumberland; two brothers, Tony Hoder of New Cumberland and Pat Hoder of Newell; four grandchildren, Kenny Baker Jr., Evan Baker, Aaron Baker and Breanna Staley and his mother and father-in-law, Kathleen Leasure and David McAbee of New Cumberland.
Funeral services were held on Thursday, March 21, 2008 at 11:00 a.m. at the New Cumberland Chapel of the Nixon Funeral Home with Pastor Chuck Thomas officiating . Interment followed at the New Cumberland Cemetery.
The family requests memorial contributions to be sent to the Nixon Funeral Home.


Laurhetta Alexander

Friday, April 3, 1959

East Liverpool Review

Mrs. Laurhetta Alexander, 813 St. John St., died Thursday at 11:30 p.m. at Massillon State Hospital after a long illness. She was 86.

She was born in South Beaver Township, Beaver County, daughter of the late Robert and Elizabeth Anderson. She resided here for 48 years and was a member of the Trinity United Presbyterian Church.

Her only survivor is a son, Paul L. Alexander at home. Her husband, John S. Alexander, died May 10, 1957.

The Dawson Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements which are incomplete.


Atty. Andrew J. Coleman

Friday, April 3, 1959

East Liverpool Review

County Bar To Honor Late Atty. Coleman

The Columbiana County Bar Association will hold a memorial for Atty. Andrew J. Coleman Saturday at 1 p.m. in Municipal Court and then proceed to the Dawson Funeral Home where services will be held for the veteran attorney at 2 p.m.

Dr. D. Finley Wood of the First Methodist Church will officiate. Burial will be in Riverview Cemetery.

Atty. Coleman was found dead in bed Thursday morning at the home of his parents Mr. and Mrs. Glayde Coleman, of the Campground Rd., with whom he resided.

Friends may call at the funeral home tonight.


Mary Beth Walker

Mar. 27, 2008

Hancock County Courier

Mary Beth Walker, 72, of Newell passed away Tuesday, March 18, 2008.

She was born June 16, 1935 in Beaver Falls, PA, the daughter of the late William and Helen (Myers) Hunter. She was also preceded in death by her first husband, James McFarland; a sister Jane Keller and two children, Mary and Louise.

Mary was an active member of the Glendale Church of the Nazarene where she taught Sunday School., She enjoyed helping with the church missionary program and the "Out Reach" program at the Netwick Nursing Home.

She is survived by her second husband, Bill Walker, at home; four daughters, Mary McFarland of California, Deborah Coil of Florida, Kathi Monroe and Bonnie Dray, both of Newell; a son, James McFarland of Wellsville; two stepsons, James Walker of Wellsville and Dennis Walker of Newell; a sister, Edna Davis of Florida; 8 grandchildren; 6great-grandchildren; 9 step-grandchildren and 1step-great-great-grandchild.

Funeral services were held on Saturday, March 22, 2008 at 11:oo a.m. at the Newell Chapel of the Nixon Funeral Hoe with Pastor Jim Davidson officiating. Interment followed a the Shadow Lawn Memory Gardens in Newell.

The family requests memorial contributions to be sent to Valley Hospice or the Glendale Church of the Nazarene.