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Adam Rineheimer
Died May 19, 1899
East Liverpool Tribune

Adam Rineheimer, an aged resident, died in New Brighton Friday, and his remains were brought to this place Monday and interred in Spring Grove cemetery.

JOHN DAVIS - Obituary

John Davis
Died May 29, 1899
East Liverpool Tribune

John Davis, of Avondale street, died Saturday. Interment in Riverview took place Tuesday.


Death of an Infant (Wardless)
Died Jan. 22, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune
The 10-months-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Wardless, of Thompson avenue, died Monday evening of pneumonia. The funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock. Interment at Riverview.


Maggie Cunningham

Died Feb. 6, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Miss Maggie, aged 20, eldest daughter of J. C. Cunningham, died at her home on the south side Tuesday evening.

Heart trouble was the cause.

Deceased was a most highly esteemed young lady. Surviving her, beside the parents, are a brother and sister, both younger.


Marie Campbell

Died Feb. 4, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Marie, three-month-old daughter of Wm. Campbell, Erie street, died Sunday. Rev. J. R. Green conducted the funeral obsequles on Monday afternoon, the remains being interred in Spring Grove cemetery.

MRS. A. R. GOULD - Obituary

Mrs. A. R. Gould

Died Feb. 7, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. A. R. Gould, of Washington street, died Wednesday evening, somewhat suddenly. At the hour of going to press no arrangements for the funeral had been made public. Deceased was the widow of the late A. R. Gould.


Bernedetta Crites

Died Feb. 7, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Bernedetta, eight-month-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Crites, of Seventh street, died Friday, and the remains were taken to Summitville for burial.


Mrs. Fanchon E. Hutchison

Died Feb. 24, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. Fanchon E. Hutchison, nee Bennett, died Friday at her home in Pittsburg, of consumption. The remains were brought to the home of her father, T. M. Bennett, and funeral services were held from the house Sunday. Dr. S. E. Bennett, of Kansas City, brother of the deceased, came on to the funeral.


Allen Infant

Died Feb. 27, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

The eighteen-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Allen died Monday night of bronchitis. Interment was made in Riverview Wednesday.

MRS. D. N. CAMPBELL - Obituary

Mrs. D. N. Campbell

Died Feb. 23, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Mrs. D. N. Campbell died Thursday, of typhoid fever The remains were taken to Butler, Pa., for interment.


Maude Livesley

Died Dec. 26, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Maude, the four-month-old daughter of Fred Livesley, of Ravine street, died Tuesday morning. Interment took place at Riverview Wednesday.

JOSEPH REED - Obituary

Joseph Reed

Died Dec. 27, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Joseph Reed, a brother-in-law of 'Squire E. W. Hill, of his city, and formerly of the firm of I. B. Cameron & Co., of Salineville, died at Youngstown, Wednesday morning, of typhoid fever. A wife, who is a daughter of Frank Rogers, of Salineville, survives. Burial services will be held at Salineville.

PHILIP ROWE - Obituary

Philip Rowe

Died Dec. 21, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Philip Rowe, one of the best known residents of East Liverpool, died from paralysis Thursday afternoon at the home of his son, John Rowe, 160 Washington street.

Mr. Rowe was 69 year old. A wife and nine children survive him.

The funeral took place form the home at 10 o'clock Saturday morning, Rev. W. H. Gladden officiating. The remains were interred in the family burial lot in Spring Hill cemetery, Wellsville.

REV. J. N. DESSELLEM - Obituary

Rev. J. N. Dessellem

Died Dec. 20, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Rev. J. N. Dessellem, of Invernes, aged 73 years, died Wednesday at the home of his daughter, at Norristown, Carroll county. Deceased had been a prosperous farmer and popular local Methodist preacher throughout the Scot settlement. He was twice married, Ellen Coburn was his first wife, and Mary McKenzie his second.


Allan Woodburn

Died Dec. 15, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

Allan Woodburn, of Third street, aged 72 years, died Friday of dropsy. Interment in Riverview was made Sunday afternoon, Rev. W. H. Gladden officiating.


Death of an Infant (James Hoppell)

Died Mar. 3, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

The ten-months-old child of Mr. and Mrs. (W& M) Hoppell, of Bank street, died Saturday evening. The funeral services were conducted at the home of the parents at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon, Rev Clark Crawford officiating. Interment in Riverview cemetery.

DAVID DEWAR - Obituary

David Dewar

Died Dec. 12, 1899

East Liverpool Tribune

David Dewar, of East End, died Sunday evening, aged fifty years, after an illness of six months.

EDNA H. REARK - Obituary

Edna H. Reark

Died Mar 4, 1900

East Liverpool Tribune

Edna H. Reark, aged 4 years, daughter of Chas. Reark, died Sunday. Pneumonia was the cause. Funeral took place Tuesday. Interment took place at Spring Grove.