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The Saturday Review
March 5, 1887

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A Liberal Gift

The Spring Grove Cemetery Association has donated, to the township of Liverpool, twelve lots, embracing in all, 4,600 square feet of ground, for burial purposes. This action of the cemetery association is very much to be commended, as the gift is entirely without consideration on the part of the township. This association is selling lots very cheap at present, and are also prepared to sell room for single graves.

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From Monday's Daily

M. E. Golding was summoned to Trenton, N. J., Saturday evening , to attend the funeral of a brother.

February called out her reserve forces on Saturday night, and we were given a sample of something other than rain or snow.

Marshal Gill is distributing teh cigars with lavish hand over the arrival of his new and only boy, whom the gallant marshal considers the best yet.

Mr. James Leigh, Sr., left to-day for Rome, N.Y., to take treatment with an eminent and skillful cancer doctor of that city, for a trouble in his face which has the symptoms of cancer.

John Laughlin and Charles Henrich, of Ohio City, have leased ground at the mouth of McKinnon's run, on which they purpose erecting a saw-mill in the near future.

J. E. McDonald officiated, on Saturday evening, at a wedding at which teh contracting parties were Mr. John Delaney and Miss Jessie Irene McGaveran. The ceremony was performed at the residence of the brides's father at 7:30 o'clock.

Mr. George Thomas, of R. Thomas & Sons, has just returned from Washington,

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