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Logan, Mrs. Harriet N.

The East Liverpool Tribune


In Memory of Mrs. Harriet N. Logan

Mrs. Harriet N. Logan, one of the oldest residents of the city of East Liverpool, died at her home on St. John street, January 11, 1907. Death did not come unexpected, and neither did it come without the one upon which the hand was laid being prepared for it. Mrs. Logan had united with the First Methodist Episcopal church of this city in the year 1848, and from that date until the time that disease compelled her to remain at her home as an invalid, she always took a prominent part in the work of that church, and all other work instilled by religious motives.

In a book of "Memories" of Events and Persons connected with the First Methodist Episcopal church, published recently, the aged lady, who had been an invalid for years, referred to the following as her favorite hymn: "I love to steal awhile away From every cumbering care, And spend the hours of setting day in humble, grateful prayer. I love by faith to take a view Of brighter scenes in Heaven; The prospect doth my strength renew While here by tempests driven."

Mrs. Harriet N. Logan was 78 years of age. She was born the child of Mr. and Mrs. Boob Germans, who located on coming to this country in the vicinity of Philadelphia. It was in that vicinity that she was born. She came to East Liverpool at the age of 9 years.

She resided here until the time of her death, with the exception of one year, which was spent at St. Louis.

She was united in marriage to Robert Logan, just at the breaking out of the Civil war, and the wedding took place at Smiths Ferry, pa.

Robert Logan was a prominent citizen in political affairs of the city and served several terms as township clerk, township recorder and tax collector. He later took work on the river steam boats, and died on the Harry C. Renger, a Mississippi river steam boat, while acting in the capacity of clerk of the boat. His remains were interred at St. Louis. This was in the year 1871.

Of her union with Robert Logan four children were born, of whom three now survive, as follows: James N. Logan, residing at East Palestine; Milton D. Logan, of this city, warehouseman at the West End pottery, and Ella J. Logan, who was housekeeper for her mother at their home in St. John street, to the time of her death. Elizabeth, the fourth child died in infancy.

In the death of Mrs. Logan the city loses another of her long time residents. Her many charitable acts in succoring the distressed and afflicted made her memory one that will be cherished by many who have never had the chance to repay her kindness except by loving rememberance<sic>.

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