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JAMES SHARP - Obituary


Sharp, James

The East Liverpool Tribune



Thought to Have Been Hastened by Excitement During Fire at Institution


     A fire which started in the county infirmary Thursday evening, was discovered before it had gained much headway and speedily extinguished.  The fire, which is supposed to have been due to spontaneous combustion, started in an accumulation of rags under the second floor directly beneath a steam radiator.  The rags are thought to have been carried there by rats.

     James sharp, for a number of years a resident of East Liverpool, and who has been an inmate of the county infirmary since last fall, died (Jan. 25, 1907)

some time after the fire, and it is said that his death was possibly hastened by the excitement incident thereto.  James Sharp was a son of the late Sampson Sharp, and the youngest of the family.  For several years he had no regular employment, and was only able to secure odd jobs here and there, as a laborer.  The greater part of his time, when employed, was at the Brozka blacksmith and wagon shops, in Second street, where he was given work as a helper.

     Early last fall, on account of his ill health, he was sent to the county infifirmary<sic>.  The deceased was 53 years of age.  He has one brother living at Jonesville, Mich., and two sisters, one living in Allegheny, and one near McKeesport, Pa.

      James Sharp was a good natured, well meaning fellow, and for many years hardly knew what his strength was, he being an exceedingly strong and robust fellow, always willing to work, and the harder he worked the more he seemed to like it..  The last few years he took no care of his health, and his strength and energies were wasted.  The remains were brought to East Liverpool last night by Undertaker Rinehart.  The funeral will be held at two p.m. Sunday from the Rinehart undertaking parlors.  Telegrams from both the brother and sister of the deceased announce that they will be in East Liverpool in time to attend the funeral.



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