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The Saturday Review
April 2, 1887
Page 3



Hancock County Farmers In An Excited
Condition - A Discovery Made In Their Midst.

Farmers of that portion of Hancock county, W. Va., living directly across the river from this city, have been much annoyed for several years to find, from time to time, numbers of their sheep missing, and diligent search has been without effect to discover their whereabouts. That they were stolen by some one was the general opinion, but who the party was with such a penchant for other people's mutton they were at a loss to know.

Among those who were called upon to mourn the absence of a portion of their flocks was Thomas R. Cunningham, who only a few days ago found six valuable sheep gone from his keeping. He visited the neighboring farmers making inquiries as to whether the stray animals had been seen, and among the rest visited the farm of Joseph B. Allison.

There he was informed, as elsewhere, that there were no strange sheep on the farm; but Cunningham had reason to think otherwise, and a search of Allison's fold discovered to him the missing sheep. Tjeu jad beem re-branded, but their owner was able to identify them, and they were restored to his possession.

The surprise among the farmers is great, and the finding of the sheep in Allison's fold is the theme of conversation on all sides across the river. Proceedings in the matter will likely be instituted, and he given an opportunity to explain the presence of another man's sheep on his premises, as well as the other suspicious attendant circumstances.

Allison is the son of Enoch W. Allison, known as the Land King of Hancock county, W. Va., and is himself a man in fair circumstances.

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