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The Evening Review
Saturday January 27, 1900
Over Heated Furnace Causes a Disastrous Fire
Loss will reach about $8,000
Fire had been burning for quite a time before an alarmwas turned in - Steps will be taken at once to erect a new Church to cost not less than $10,000.
Fire Last night caused the total destruction of St. Stephen's Episcopal Church on Fourth Street. Anover heated heater in the cellar started it. The Church when built cost $8,000, and insurance to the amount of $4500 was carried on the property.

The fire was discovered at 1:50 o'clock this morning by William Kelly, who turned in the alarm. The department made a quick run, and when they reached the church, finding it useless to attempt to save thebuilding, turned their attention to the rectory, and the parish building. Several lines of hose were turned on the church to drown the flames and while this wasbeing done, water was thrown on the other church buildings. No damage resulted to the rectory, but the parish building was partially flooded. This however will cause no inconvenience to the services that will be held tomorrow.

St. Stephen's Church was organized in 1837. For many years the congregation worshiped in a small frame building now standing in the rear of the Church. In 1879 the congregation erected a new building at the cost of $8,000, and on the evening of May 8 last the congregation paid the last dollar of a $4,500 mortgage and burned that paper. Last summer the congregation expended $1,200 improving the rectory and the parish building. Since the brick Church was built the following pastors have officiated: Rev. McKim, Rev. Burks, Rev. Taylor, Rev. O'Mears, and Rev. Weary. the last-named had prepared to observe his second anniversary tomorrow, but this has been postponed.

Contributed by Virginia Stevens Plumley

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