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The Evening Review
Tuesday January 30, 1900


St. Stephen's Congregation pledged $3000
Toward a New Church

At the Congregational Meeting Last Evening
Committees Were Named to Act With the Vestry in
Securing Additional Funds for Church Erection

The congregation of St. Stephen's Church met in the parish building last evening to consider plans and means for the erection of a new Church to take the place of the structure destroyed by fire Saturday morning. Just about one half of the members of the church were present, the cold weather causing many to be absent. Rev. Edwin Weary presided at the meeting and explained to the members the situation. After a short discussion it was decided to take up a subscription to be used as a building fund. When all had contributed it was found that $3000 had been pledged. This with the insurance gives the congregation a fund of $7000 to start the new Church with. Two Committees, one of the ladies, another of the gentlemen, were appointed to act with the vestryin soliciting additional additional funds.

It has been decided that the new Church shall be built of stone, but construction will not be commenced until spring. The building will be of Gothic architecture and one story in height. Reverend Weary stated today the new Church would cost not less than $15,000 and probably $20,000.

Contributed by Virginia Stevens Plumley

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