Monday, February 4, 2008

An Old Bell

The Evening Review
Saturday January 27, 1900


That at St. Stephen's Church Has an Interesting History

The bell saved from the fire at St. Stephen's Church this morning has an interesting history. The bell was originally owned by Ben Burgess, a brother of Sanitary Officer Burgess. it was purchased at Napoleon, Ark., a small town near the mouth of the Arkansas River, in December 1860. It was placed on a boat owned by Burgess called the "Wheeling Glass Trader" and taken to Baton Rouge, La. in the following February. Next day that state seceded from the Union, and the residents of Baton Rouge went to the boat and rang the bell for almost a day. The boat was then taken to New Orleans and the bell was to be sent to this place, but before it was allowed to be taken from there Burgess was compelled to pay between $5 and $6 custom duties. The bell was taken to Pittsburg on the"Prima Donna" from New Orleans and later brought to this city. It was presented to the Episcopal Church in 1863 by Mrs. Jane Burgess.

Contributed by Virginia Stevens Plumley

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