Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Roland Powell

The East Liverpool Tribune


Coroner Investigates Street Car Tragedy in Which Roland Powell Was Killed.

Coroner Dr. D. J. Jones, of Lisbon, came to the city yesterday and held an inquest into the death of Roland Powell, the little boy who was killed by the street cars in Jethro street Wednesday afternoon (Jan. 17, 1906). The coroner held the inquest in the office of Prosecuting attorney M. J. McGarry. Motorman Chevalier and Conductor Edgar and two boys who had witnessed the accident were called upon to testify.

The coroner took the evidence secured with him to Lisbon, but did not deliver his decision until he reached that city. Over the telephone he stated that he concluded that death was due to accidental causes and that no one was to blame for the same.

The remains of he boy were shipped to Newport, O., last night on the Ben Hur, where the burial will occur on Friday afternoon. The father and several members of the family accompanied the body but the mother's physical condition would not allow her to make the trip.

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