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Hargreaves, Bessie

The East Liverpool Tribune


Little Bessie Hargreaves injured by a Street Car – Hands, Arms and Legs Crushed.

Bessie, 12-year-old daughter of James Hargreaves, of East End, met with a fatal accident Tuesday morning (Jul. 3, 1901)

The little girl had been sent by her mother to a neighbor to get some milk. She rode a part of the way on the rear of an ice wagon, from which she jumped directly in front of an approaching car. It was too late to stop the car and the girl was caught up by the trucks.

Both hands, arms, and one leg were crushed into a shapeless mass.

Drs. Marshall and Trimmer were at once called and amputated the injured members. The little one was still living Wednesday. No blame was attached to the motorman.

The Street Railway Company has done a very clever act in stringing a wire up the hill to the Hargreaves home and putting in an electric fan for the comfort of the little girl.


The little girl, after a most comforting talk with her mamma, died last evening between four and five o'clock. She said: "Mamma, I am going on ahead ot heaven – just a little while before you, It may seem long to you – but it won't be only just a little while. I'll be watching for you."

She was kept under the influence of aenesthetic<sic>, so that her death was painless, and she just sank to sleep from exhaustion.

The funeral will take place Friday afternoon at two o'clock. Mr. and Mrs. Hargeaves have the sympathy of the entire city in their sad sorrow. Bessie was a dear, sweet little girl that everybody loved who came within the radiance of the sunshine of her girlhood nature.

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