Thursday, June 19, 2008

T. M . Bradley & WM FISHER - Obituary


T. M. Bradley and Wm. Fisher Go Down Off Babb's Island.

The Bodies Found.

The East Liverpool Tribune

May 2, 1899

Late Tuesday evening T. M. Bradley, William D. Fisher and John Thompson, the latter of Calcutta, went out for a boat ride, and after rowing as far as Babb's island decided to change oarsmen, when Fisher and Bradley agreed to exchange places, and in so doing Fisher stepped on one side of the boat, upsetting it, and all were precipitated into the murky waters.

Lying near, tied to the beach, was the towboat, John A. Wood, and the crew heard the cries of the young men, but by the time they got to them only Thompson was above water and he was rescued.

Word was at once sent to Robert F. Bradley and Benjamin Fisher, fathers of the boys. The news was a heavy blow to their families, but searching parties to recover the bodies were at once formed and on Wednesday afternoon the bodies were found near the scene of the accident.

Bradley was aged 30 years, and married, leaving a wife and child.

Fisher was aged 36 years and single.

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