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East Liverpool Tribune
November 17, 1906


James Massey Retires From Active Employment in the Trade

After serving for 45 years as a potter James Massey of Seventh street, resigned his position in the Sevres pottery, where he was employed as a jiggerman Tuesday, the 61st anniversary of his birthday. Mr. Massey came to East Liverpool 26 years ago from, Burslem, England, and has been employed here ever since.
Mr. Massey's life has not been spent as a pottery employe alone, although he entered that industry at the age of seven years. When 18 years of age he enlisted in the British navy and for eight years and nine months he was one of John Dull's Tars. During that time he visited nearly every naval port in the world and was in China and Japan on two different occasions.
Returning to his home in England at the age of 27 years he resumed his trade as potter and worked there until coming to the United States. Since coming to East Liverpool he has been almost steadily employed, with hardly the loss of a day. On arriving at his 61st birthday he concluded that he was entitled to retire and consequently resigned his position.
On Tuesday evening a number of his fellow workmen a the Sevres pottery and others of his numerous friends surprised him at his Seventh street home and presented him a fine pipe and other tokens of their esteem and regard.
Although he frankly confesses to being 61 years old Mr. Massey's stalwart bearing belies his age, for he is apparently as hale and hearty as many men 10 to 20 years his junior. He says that he intends to spend the remainder of his days in this city because he regards East Liverpool as his home. Hale and weather-beaten veteran that he is, there is no diminishing of his enthusiasm when he recounts his experience as a youth before the mast in the service of Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, and under the Union Jack.

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