Friday, February 1, 2008

For a Cemetery 1900 (Locust Hill Cemetery)

The Evening Review
East Liverpool, Ohio

Thursday February 8, 1900


Cunningham Heirs Buy Four Acres of Land

For Burial Purposes - Lots Will Be Sold - News of
Chester and Vicinity.

Chester is to have a burial ground that will in
time be known as the Chester Cemetery. Yesterday the
Cunningham heirs purchased four acres of ground from
Hooker Allison for burial purposes. The first person
to be interred in the ground will be Maggie B.
Cunningham. She will be buried tomorrow afternoon.
The heirs will plot the ground they purchased, and
will sell lots for burial services to any who disire
such. The nearest cemeteries to Chester now are those
at Mill Creek and Fariview.

Contributed by Virginia Stevens Plumley

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