Saturday, October 18, 2008

M. E. Bowen Obituary

M. E. Bowen

The East Liverpool Tribune

Died on January. 11, 1901

This young man was an apprentice machinist employed at the Patterson Foundry & Machine Co., and was familiarly known to his fellow workmen and associates as "Ed. Bowen." He came here from Middleport, Ohio, near Irouton, about three months since, and was given work by Mr. Patterson as apprentice at the upper Walnut street works. About two weeks ago he was taken ill with typhoid fever, at the home of Mr and Mrs. Kline, corner Second street and Hague Alley. Not having a relative in the city, the company for whom he worked employed a nurse and instructed Dr. Hobbs to see that the young man had every attention. Mr. and Mrs. Kline were also very attentive. The fore part of this week he was so very ill that the doctor visited him as often as six times a day. His sister, Mrs. George Marshall, of Ashland, Ky., arrived on Thursday. He was some better after she came, and had quite a nice talk with him that afternoon, several times when he was fully conscious. He seemed so glad to see her. Thursday night he grew worse and died before daylight. The young man was about twenty-one years of age. The employes <sic>at the Patterson Machine Co. voluntarily raised a purse of over$20 to purchase flowers in memory of their fellow workman. Mrs. Marshall on Friday was invited to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Patterson, where she will remain a guest until Saturday, when she will accompany the remains down the river to his old home. In the short time Ed. Bowen was in East Liverpool he made some very warm friends, and all who knew him speak most highly in his behalf. Much sympathy is expressed for his sister in her sorrow among entire strangers.

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