Saturday, October 18, 2008

Martin Wilson Obituary

Martin Wilson

The East Liverpool Tribune

Died on June 21, 1902


Sad Accident to an Employe<sic> at the Wellsville Round House

A peculiar accident occurred Monday afternoon at the Wellsville round house, weherby <sic>Martin Wilson, aged 46 years, lost his life. He had been an employe<sic> of the railway company for over 20 years and lately has had charge of turning all engines in the round house at the shops.

While at work Monday, he ran into a stall beside a big H-4 engine which was fired and ready to go out, and gave the engineer the signal to back up. After giving the signal Wilson attempted to get out of the stall ahead of the engine, but in doing so was caught between the big door and the side of the engine and was instantly crushed to death.

The engineer was the first to discover Wilson's plight and immediately set the brakes and throttle, thus stopping the engine.

Dr. Noble was sent for, and he arrived he made a hasty examination and announced that Wilson's chest had been crushed. His head was also badly cut up.

Wilson was a single man and for several years had lived with his aunt, Mrs. William Wilson, on Seventh street, between main street and Broadway.

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