Saturday, October 18, 2008

William Flentke Sr. Obituary

William Flentke, Sr.

The East Liverpool Tribune

Published January 2, 1902

William Flentke, Sr., died recently at his home in Evansville, Ind. He lived in this city for a number of years, and was a member of the old pioneer firm of Morley, Godwin & Flentke, operating a pottery where the fire station is located on Broadway, and where is now the Standerd pottery. They occupied both sides of the street, and that part where the fire station is located was the "Old Santa Anna" pottery, once owned by Richard Henderson, the hermit, of East Market street, from whom the pottery got its nickname. After Morley, Godwin and Flentke took possession the mane was changed to "Salamander" pottery. It was here that the late ex-Mayor George Morley, the late James Godwin and Wm. Flentke changed form Rockingham and Yellow to White Granite. Broadway was afterwards widened and cut through to East Market, and the pottery all moved to the east side of Broadway, afterwards becoming the Standard. Mr. Flentke was a very highly respected gentleman, a member of the Lutheran church here in its early days. He has several sons who are all potters, some of whom are working in this city, and others connected with the Evansville pottery.

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