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8/4/1906 Skeletons Exposed As Ground Slips At The Old Cemetery

The East Liverpool Tribune

August 4, 1906


Removal Of Gravel At End of Fifth Street is Cause of Grew-Some Sight


A roll of bright red hair, here and there strands of it lying on the ground and blowing with the wind outside of the box in which can be seen a crushed skull, is visible in the old Fifth street cemetery.

Four rough boxes or coffins are exposed. In each there are the bones of a body. No attempt has been made to lift these bones and lay them away elsewhere and no re

Of the condition of the old cemetery has been made to the board of service until Friday.

Four feet over the bank of the old cemetery, just opposite the Fifth street extension and about 10 feet to the north, is exposed a coffin. The skull is in plain view. The sides of the box caved in and the weight of earth crushed the skull.

There, plain to the view of all, is a roll of bright red hair as strong as the hair of a living person. Touched by a breeze the hair is blown against the bank of gravel. Children were playing over the coffin and several when they saw the hair pushed it back into the narrow space between the top and bottom of what was once a pretty case.

The skull is crushed but the hair holds to it as firm as ever. Three feet, perhaps to the south, is another coffin. This also is crushed but only one bone is exposed. Farther on are three other boxes that are exposed.

The gravel is being taken from the base of the bank and occasionally the top falls in and from time to time more coffins and rough boxes are exposed. There are footprints just below these coffins showing that the curious have not missed a chance to see all that is possible of such ghastly sights.

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