Tuesday, May 20, 2008

JOHN E. HUGHES - Obituary

Hughes, John E.

The East Liverpool Tribune


East End Structural Iron Worker Meets Instant Death at Midland

John E. Hughes, who made his home with his brother-in-law and sister, Mr.a nd Mrs. Harry M. Butler, 178 St. George street, was instantly killed yesterday morning (Feb. 21, 1907) while at work on a building at Midland.

Hr. Hughes was an iron worker and had been employed at Midland for some time. In some unknown manner he missed his footing and fell a distance of about 50 feet, slighting on his head, crushing his skull.

News of the accident was at once telephoned to Postmaster W. E. Baird, who in turn conveyed it to Mr. and Mrs. Butler. Mr. Butler, who is employed as a kiln fireman in one of the local potteries, was informed of his brother-in-law's death at once, but as he was unable to get away from his work just at the time, he made arrangements to have the body brought down on the evening train.

Mr. Hughes was 32 years of age and is survived by five sisters, Mrs. Nettie Arnold; of Locust street, East End, and Mrs. Harry M. Butler and Miss Viola Hughes, of St. George street, East End.

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