Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Skeleton Unearthed - 1906 East Liverpool Tribune Article

The East Liverpool Tribune

June 13, 1906


Bones Found by Man Excavating at Old Boyce Cemetery

Complaint has been made to the police department of the practice of the city teamsters in hauling away gravel from the old Boyce cemetery in the East End. The cemetery was abandoned as a burial grounds thirty years ago and since the excavations were begun several skeletons have been exposed.

Mr. Peach, a member of the Electrical Porcelain works, the other day gathered up a basket full of bones which were uncovered in taking gravel from the hillside. The gravel is being used to fill up an East End street. Mr. Peach believes that when the bones are exposed they should at least be re-interred by the parties in another spot.

The matter will be investigated.

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