Thursday, September 4, 2008

One Killed - Four Hurt Frightful Dash Down Calcutta Hill of Street Car No. 7


Frightful Dash Down Calcutta Hill of Street Car No. 7

About three o'clock Monday afternoon a car on the suburban street railway to Riverview addition got beyond the control of Motorman James Christie. Conductor James Morgan ran to the front of the car and endeavored to assist Christie to control the car, which was now whirling down hill at the rate of a mile a minute. Their combined efforts failed, and Morgan as a last home tried to work an emergency brake put on recently, which consisted of a heave railroad tie in front of the tracks, worked by a lever. This he got in front of the trucks, but it slid right along with the trucks.

W. H. Crawford, of Williamsport, was going around Gaston's bend with a two-horse wagon, when he saw the car approaching, as he said "like a streak of greased lightning." He barely got his team off the track, the car safely missing the outfit by about six inches, as the car left the track. The safety device lodged against the curb and formed a bridge over which the car passed, crashing through the kitchen of a house occupied by a family named Stroud. A little boy had just left the kitchen and was on the rear steps outside, and was thrown violently to the ground.

The front of the car was telescoped, Motorman Christie's head being crushed to a pulp, death being instant.

Conductor Morgan was seriously injured, but had no bones broken. He was taken to his home near the power house, and will recover.

Among the injured were: Mrs. Riley McKinnon, injured in left side.

Mrs. Harry Smith, rib broken and cut about head.

Mrs. Charles McKee, check<sic> badly cut and body bruised painfully.

Christie's remains were taken to Burns & McQuilken's undertaking rooms. He was thirty years of age and single. He was a resident of Wellsville.

Street Railway Employes" Local, No. 52, had charge of the funeral Wednesday afternoon.

(East Liverpool Tribune)

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