Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sad Death of David Watson, Jr. - East Liverpool Tribune

East Liverpool Tribune

Sad Death of David Watson, Jr.

David Watson, Jr., aged 22 years, by birth a Scotchman, met a sudden death Saturday night at the place of the Crockery City Brewing & Ice Co., while employed as night engineer. Just how the accident occurred will never be known, as it is impossible to conceive of how he could have got where found with all the rails and safety guards around. He was found under one of the large piston rods of the pumping machinery by the assistant engineer. He was last seen on the bridge between the two piston rods. A few moments afterward the assistant heard him cry "Oh," and he ran and shut off the steam at once. Poor Watson was found clear down under the piston rod, all crushed to pulp. There are two guard rails on each side of the bridge, and a high guard around the end of the piston pit. The piston arm is self-oiling so that there is no occasion to reach in where his sleeve could be caught and thus draw him in over the end rail. No similar accident has ever occurred with this piece of ice making machinery, which is used in hundreds of ice plants, and all have the same safety guards.

Young Watson entered the employ of the city water works ten years ago as water-boy, on the ditch line. He did this so well as to attract the attention of Superintendent Phil. Morley, who took him to the pump house, where he was given instructions and work as helper in the machinery department. He was promoted from time to time on account of his work and ability, until he was offered the position of night engineer at the ice plant, where he has been in charge for quite a while. Mr. Morley says he was very competent, and that his services will be missed. He was faithful, careful, industrious, trustworthy and reliable, besides being a young man of most estimable character, always sober and in condition to attend to his work.

Funeral services were held from the home of his adopted parents, Mr. and Mrs. David Watson, 160 Sixth street. Monday afternoon. Interment at Riverview cemetery.


At the request of the Ice Co., an inquest was held on Wednesday afternoon by acting coroner J. N. rose, with a verdict returned that "David Watson, jr., came to his death by reason of slipping off, or being knocked off of the bridge or running board between the two large shafts of the large engine at ice plant. His death was purely accidental, as far as court could determine. No blame to owners of plant, or superintendent thereof – every precaution having been used by said firm to prevent accident to employes<sis>, or to anyone in the room, employed as helper or otherwise."

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